Someone Has Already Made A Detective Pikachu Amiibo

Detective Pikachu Amiibo
It’s been mere days since the Detective Pikachu game (officially titled Detective Pikachu:Birth of a New Duo) was fully unveiled, and already, an intrepid custom-Amiibo artist is on the case. This delightfully detailed figure was crafted by Amiibo artist Gandakris, who also runs a store where she sells her custom creations. You can check out more of her work on Facebook, where she has photos showing off her unique work from the past several months. I especially love this Castle Crashers Amiibo, which not only features the downloadable Pink Knight but also Rammy the Animal Orb, both of whom are my favorites to use in the game.

Custom castle Crashers Amiibo

For more of Christina’s work, you can check out her Instagram page, where she posts brilliant photos of her latest custom Amiibo creations. She also has an additional IG account where you can see in-progress shots that illustrate the work that goes into the process for each one.

After a three year absence of any news about Detective Pikachu following its announcement, the game will make a surprise debut on Japan’s Nintendo 3ds eShop service on February 3, 2016. Set in an alternate Pokemon universe where Pokemon coexist peacefully with humans, the game will focus on gathering information and clues and speaking to witnesses to build and solve a case, with Pikachu giving hints to Tim, the player character, as needed. So far no announcement has been made regarding localization for any other regions. Nonetheless, enthusiastic fans have already embraced the deep-voiced and well-capped new Pikachu with open arms, even launching a petition asking Nintendo to cast Danny Devito as the voice actor for Western release.

via NintendoLife