XCOM 2 Review Roundup

The turn-based tactical game XCOM 2 is out this week. Published by 2K Games and developed by Firaxis, it’s the sequel to the first XCOM. It’s set in a world where the original player lost the game and planet Earth was taken over by the alien invaders.

The world’s completely overrun by greys, chrysalids and all manner of aliens who’ve subjugated most of humanity. There’s a few free human remnants left in some of the more desolate parts of the planet, and what’s left of XCOM strikes against the colonizers from the shadows, engaging in guerrilla warfare. I’m sure there’s a metaphor to be made, but I won’t be going there.

Unlike the first game, XCOM 2 is exclusive to be PC (for now) and is set to offer heavy support for player-made mods. The game’s developer Firaxis has been working with the makers of the Long War Mod to develop mods for the new game. Players can expect to be able to make their own custom creations and alter everything in the game, ranging from gear stats, the enemies they’ll face, mission parameters, and more.

If you want to be even more hyped for the game, 2K Games has released the soundtrack for XCOM 2, which you can pick up from iTunes on February 5, 2016. Preorders for the game will include the XCOM Reinforcement Pack DLC for free, so be sure to grab the game from Steam (or participating online retailers) ahead of its release to secure it.

Eurogamer – Essential
GameSpot – 9/10
IGN – 9.3
PC Games N – 9/10
PC Gamer – 94
Polygon – 9/10
Rock Paper Shotgun – Recommended
Shacknews – 8/10