Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PreOrder Bonuses Revealed, Offline Play Confirmed

We have some new details on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, courtesy Amazon and Twitter.

The preorder page now has the details on the preorder incentives. To quote verbatim:

Fight for your freedom and show off your perfect technique and power with the Combat Runner Kit. Run free, run fast and show the world how you master the city with the Speed Runner Kit. Get unique in-game items such as a combat-themed & speed-themed Projection Shader, changing how you appear in other player’s worlds, a Runner Tag to stand out in the leaderboards, and a unique background to customize your Screen Hacks.



• Combat-themed & Speed-themed Projection Shader – Change how you appear in other player’s worlds

• Runner Tag – Stand out in the leaderboards

• Unique Background – Customize your Screen Hacks

Now, you may still be wondering about one element of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the one that bothers fans about many EA games. Will it be playable offline? No worries, as senior producer Sara Jansson has fielded this one for the team.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released on May 24 on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.