You Can Get The Division Beta If You Buy The Tom Clancy Weekly Humble Bundle

The weekly Humble Bundle features Tom Clancy games, along with access to The Division’s beta. One dollar will get you the original Ghost Recon, the original Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six 3 Gold, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (via IGN).

If you decide to pay more than the average, which is currently set to $9.76, you can also get Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, the original Splinter Cell, and, probably most lucrative of all, access to The Division Beta.

The Division was announced two years ago at E3, and has been delayed multiple times since. We recently saw about ten minutes of footage from the game’s Xbox One Alpha, and it looked in pretty good shape. The beta was meant to launch last month, but was instead delayed to “early 2016.”

The Division’s full release is currently set for March 8, 2016.