Fallout 3 Beaten in Record Time of 15 Minutes

Speedrunner Rydou has attained a new world record for completing Fallout 3 in the shortest time, 14:54 to be precise, the first time anyone has done it in less than 15 minutes.

Most of the time is spent running or swimming through the game world and avoiding normally important missions, his character never meets James in the Wasteland for instance, and deliberately crippling himself. Rydou explains why in the YouTube video’s description but essentially in involves quick loading just before being crippled in order to trick the game into boosting your speed to 160% of normal.

He also grabs the GECK by manipulating the camera and puts all of his stat points into Strength because it’s the quickest way to close the SPECIAL book. It is played on very easy difficulty but performing a speedrun is enough of a challenge.

You can watch the video below. If you’re up for more, someone once finished the game while playing as a baby while Fallout 4 was recently beaten without killing anyone.