Blizzard Releases Cosplay Reference Kits For Overwatch

Blizzard has posted a long list of cosplay reference kits for characters in Overwatch. While the title isn’t slated for release until summer of this year, the company is responding to the success of its beta and cosplayer wishes. You can find the kits here

The list covers more than the 12 characters playable in the game's bet, but none of the 21 detailed are characters we haven't seen so far. Each kit comes as a PDF with an image of the character followed by detail closeups of that characters’ unique physical traits. For example, Zenyatta’S kit features closeups of his head and tassel. Each kit also features the exact colors and color codes for each part of their design, to better aid cosplayers who want total accuracy.

The Overwatch beta occurred last fall, with Blizzard slowly releasing more characters into the wild as time progressed. The company then announced the game’s launch window at BlizzCon 2015, along with the news that the game would come to consoles as well.

Overwatch is slated for a Summer 2016 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.