Dying Light Adding 250 Legendary Levels in February

Techland has announced that their open world zombie survival game Dying Light will see a new feature introduced early next year, Legendary Levels. 

Like Badass Ranks in Borderlands 2 and Paragon Levels in Diablo 3, Legendary Levels are meta-levels that allow you to enhance your character beyond normal. 

Legendary Levels will be introduced with a free update for the game's standard version and included in the game's Enhanced Edition and are unlocked when once of the tree primary skill trees are finished. 

In all, there are 250 Legendary Levels, which allow you to improve your health, stamina, damage, and other key stats. While most games with meta-levels allow you to have more than one character, you're stuck as Kyle Crane in Dying Light, but the new system is similar and allows you to boost your basic stats once you've completed the original progression system. 

Unlock 25 Legendary Levels and you'll earn a new outfit or emblem.

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and The Following DLC are both set for release on February 9th for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.