Beyond: Two Souls And Heavy Rain Coming To PS4

Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere posted some exciting news on the PlayStation blog today. Beyond: Two Souls will be available for download in the PlayStation Store for $30 starting November 24.

The PS4 edition will have the below features and updates:

  • Enhanced 1080p graphics including motion blur, bloom and depth of field effects, as well as improved lighting and shadows. The game also makes use of the DualShock 4 speaker to improve immersion when playing as the Entity.
  • Decisions are highlighted at the end of each scene and compared with those made by other players.
  • You can now play the game in chronological order right from the start – a much requested feature in the PS3 version!
  • Increased difficulty in certain fight scene, combined with improved controls for action sequences.
  • Includes the “Enhanced Experiments” DLC.

Heavy Rain will also be coming to PS4, but not until March 1. Anyone attending PlayStation Experience will be able to try out both games, however, and those who buy Beyond: Two Souls will receive Heavy Rain at a discount when it releases.

The French PlayStation blog confirmed separately that Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will come bundled together in a physical collection slated for release on March 2.