Winter Is Coming And It’s Bringing A Rock Band 4 Update

Rock Band 4 has been out since October 4 and on December 8, two months after release, the Harmonix game will receive a major update for Xbox One and PS4. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything.

According to the Harmonix blog, the update will feature some big changes.

  • Score challenge features: In-game notifications about leaderboard events, like passing a friend’s score; an activity feed that logs leaderboard events; a taunt system to let your friends know you’re doing better than them.
  • Improved calibration
  • Variable breakneck speed (up to 2.5x)
  • Full combo recognition and indicator (to let you know when you’ve gotten a perfect streak)
  • More song results details (with leaderboard info and gameplay statistics)
  • Player stats (more social sharing)
  • New items (Rock Shop assets)
  • Auto-kick mode (allows you to play drum parts by hitting the drum pads only while the game automatically hit kicks drum notes)
  • A new gameplay mode (though they did not specify what this entails, exactly)

There were also numerous bug fixes to microphone lag, track transparency, and tambourine sensitivity. Notably, Harmonix addressed a glitch that crashed the game when a vocalist joined a song that didn’t have a vocal part.

Moving forward, updates to the game are planned to occur monthly. If you have any problems you want the team to address, they’re paying attention to their social media and the Rock Band forums.