Lynda Carter’s Original Songs For Fallout 4 Now Available On Itunes

Bethesda has released Lynda Carter’s original songs for Fallout 4 as an EP on iTunes. In the game, Carter voices Magnolia, a singer and performer at Goodneighbor in The Commonwealth. Each of the five songs were composed and performed by Carter for the game, and are the songs Magnolia sings while at Goodneighbor. The tracks are titled:

  • “I’m the One You’re Looking For”
  • “Baby It’s Just You”
  • “Good Neighbor”
  • “Man Enough”
  • “Train Train”

In a recent announcement, Bethesda revealed Carter’s participation in the post-apocalyptic project. She has done voices in past Bethesda games, and the studio was delighted when the former Wonder Woman and Grammy winner wanted to make a significant contribution to the game.

Last week, Bethesda also released the entire 65-track soundtrack for the game. This includes all atmospheric music by Inon Zur, but does not include Carter’s Magnolia songs. So, if you would like to own every note of Fallout 4 music, you’ll definitely want to pick up both the soundtrack and this EP.

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Fallout 4 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.