The Solus Project Coming to Steam Early Access, Game Preview on Xbox One, GOG

Developed by Teotl Games, The Solus Project is a first-person survival game set on an alien planet and it is coming to Steam Early Access, Game Preview on Xbox One, and Good Old Games, publisher GRIP Digital announced today.

Described as the “brainchild” of developer Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong, who worked on games like Unreal Tournament 2004, Killzone, and Huxley, The Solus Project is the spiritual successor to Teotl Studios’ 2010 game, The Ball. In it, having crash landed on a mysterious alien planet with harsh environmental effects, multiple islands and tombs to explore, and more, players must survive long enough and find the proper component s to build a device that can send a message back to Earth that you are still alive. That precludes, however, that Earth still exists since you, the player character, has been traveling through space for some time.

“Following its release via Early Access and Game Preview on Xbox One, The Solus Project will evolve right in front of players’ eyes. We will be taking an episodic approach during our Early Access/Preview time by adding level per level of the large alien world," said De Jong. "During our relatively short and focused test phase players will on a regular basis see new features and quests, and we will incorporate their feedback to create a truly unique survival and narrative experience.”

The Solus Project will be released in its completed form in Q1 2016 on PC and Xbox One.