Steam Link Lets You Stream Games On Your TV

Steam is telling you that you can have it all. This November, the new Steam Link in-home streaming box will allow you to connect your TV to your games library as well as the entire Steam catalog. It's similar to AppleTV or Roku, but unlike those products, it only costs $50. The biggest downside to Link versus using a console is that it requires you to have your own gaming PC and a suitably fast internet connection, though you can always spring for one of the Steam Machines that will be released next month as well.

Link allows you to connect to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and has an HDMI out along with three USB 2 ports. You do have the option of connecting a keyboard and mouse in place of the Steam Controller, which is sold separately from the Link and will cost an additional $50.

Link, as well as a slew of Steam Machines, will release on November 10th on the heels of a partnership between Valve, GameStop, and several other gaming retailers who will be selling the hardware. 

The best part is that none of Steam's upcoming releases will feature any kind of commercial product advertisements.