Go Behind the Scenes of Far Cry Primal’s Development

After a static livestream of some cave paintings and leaked information, Far Cry Primal was officially announced today by Ubisoft and to get a peek at what has gone into creating a Far Cry game set in the Stone Age, Ubisoft has released this behind-the-scenes video of its development.

In the video, several members of Far Cry Primal’s development team talk about why they chose such a pre-historic setting and the challenges associated with creating a work of fiction during a time period that is shrouded in a lot of mystery.

“When you make a game that’s set 12,000 years ago, it’s really hard and there’s not a lot of documentation on it,” said producer Vincent Pontbriand. “There’s the environment, that’s one thing, but what about the culture, the people, the way they talk, the way they move, all these things.”

“What’s primal? How do we get back to our roots?” asks narrative director Jean-Sebastien Decant. “All the organic remains have disappeared. Did they use leather? We don’t know. Were they using wood? We don’t know. What remains are rocks and bones? So, for me it was very interesting because we actually had great gray areas which we could dive into.”

Far Cry Primal was announced today with a release date of Feb. 23, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will also be released on PC on an unspecified date in March, 2016.