Shenmue 3 Opens SlackerBacker; Paypal Accepted, Live Until December 31 Only

Ys Net have opened up a SlackerBacker campaign for Shenmue 3.

On Kickstarter, they explained that they do have enough money to make and finish Shenmue 3. This campaign is intended to allow fans who could not join in on the Kickstarter to help fund the game, and also to reach the stretch goals. Ys Net did raise $6,333,295, but as you and I know, Yu Suzuki says he will not be able to create his complete vision until they have a budget of $ 10,000,000.

Perhaps as a show of good faith, Ys Net has limited the time for the Slackerbacker. You will only be able to catch up until December 31.

Ys Net’s decision to ask for more funding follows a successful but highly controversial campaign, but this campaign also did not happen in isolation. Fans are certain to still remember the perennially delayed Mighty No 9, which has received a ridiculous amount of delays, so much so that even the demo they intended to release to placate backers was itself delayed.

If you are considering Slackerbacking this game, however, you should not let Mighty No 9’s example completely discourage you. Multiple other games have successfully run campaigns and released finished, even polished games. Consider games like Divinity Original Sin,Shadowrun Returns, andShovel Knight. Both of the former games are going back to Kickstarter for campaigns for new games, while Shovel Knight is set to continue releasing several expansions. Shovel Knight even has the distinction of becoming the first indie amiibo!

Whether you trust Ys Net to finish Shenmue 3 in a timely manner is entirely up to you. You can check out the SlackerBacker page here (now accepts PayPal).