Rockstar Focusing on GTA Online Over Single-Player in GTA 5

Rockstar is committed to supporting Grand Theft Auto 5 only through GTA Online at the moment, according to designer director Imran Sarwar.

In an interview with IGN, Sarwar spoke about Rockstar’s future plans for how it intends to support its wildly successful open-world sandbox game, stating that GTA Online is the developer’s primary focus right now.

“Right now our focus is on GTA Online which has exceeded our expectations,” Sarwar said. “We currently have all key members of the team that launched Grand Theft Auto 5 focused on supporting GTA Online in every capacity.”

A large part of GTA Online has been its Heists, but unfortunately, due to difficulties found in developing and designing the Heists, Rockstar has no plans to add new Heists in the future. Instead, Rockstar wants to create new things for players to experience in GTA Online.

“Heists have been a huge success, and they really revitalised the GTA Online community,” said Sarwar.

“Heists encourage people to play together while giving them the chance to earn serious amounts of cash. However, as we’ve said before they were also a lot harder to make than we initially thought they would be, and it took us multiple tries to come up with the design that we eventually launched – but we believe and hope it was well worth the wait for everyone.

“They were a tremendous undertaking and for now we have other ideas for GTA Online that we’re working to deliver.”

Yesterday, Rockstar announced some of those new experiences for players in GTA Online. They will be made available in the Freemode Events update, which will be released on Sept. 15 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will not support the Freemode Events update due to technical limitations.

Source: IGN (via VG247)