NBA 2K16 MyTeam Features, Changes Detailed In Dev Blog

2K Sports have outlined the features coming in MyTEAM for NBA 2K16.

We already know about parts of the Team Creator. You will be able to customize your logo, arena, court floor, and uniforms. You can also upload your own images, as well as use some defaults or seek out community favorites.

Coming back is Domination mode, letting you play against the best NBA lineups of all time.

One unique feature that you don’t have complete control over but are likely to enjoy is The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a series of 3vs3 rooftop street games, score to 21 in a ten game series. You can pick out ten players, but each player is only playable once. The Ai will also pick two random players for you.

Also new are MyTeam trials, a small challenge you  can engage while playing other modes. Trials are stat related, and have to be done in a single game using only one player. Harder trials will get you higher points.

Cards have been redesigned dramatically, not only visually, but with new themes. There are even new cards, such as Moment cards which are created for every game performance highlights. Attribute cards are to be replaced by shoe cards, which will join company with the new basketball cards.

Finally, 2K Sports credited these changes to community feedback:

  • The player card has been redesigned and allows for comparisons when creating lineups and searching for cards in the auction house.
  • Search directly from your collection in the auction house to fill in those missing players.
  • Increased amount of Collector Levels with more MyTEAM points and players.
  • Card rewards for playing the game are even better and represent the best cards in game. You have to earn them to show them off.
  • Freestyle is now available so you can practice with your team before heading into a real game.
  • We added more lineup slots and generate an overall rating for your entire team.
  • Can’t get enough of packs? Check out our new boxes with 10 packs per box.
  • All new Challenges and weekly Challenges coming your way.
  • Autofill options for building lineups and contract applying for your entire team.


NBA 2K16 A Spike Lee Joint will be released on September 29th, 2015 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One