This Legend of Zelda Mirror Hy-Rules

Rupee rupee on the wall, who’s the biggest Legend of Zelda fan of them all? Perhaps the owner of this custom-made-to-order mirror by Portland, OR based Etsy artist JamesBit. It measures 12 by 19 inches and can be yours for 200 of your own rupees (in U.S. dollars, of course). The artist also has a number of other video game pop art items in his store, including this 15x15x15 inch pine Mario Block Foot Stool, $200:

I’m also particularly fond of this pixel fire painting, intended to be put in non-functioning fireplaces, as seen below:

For that one, prices vary by size but start at $50.

With a few pieces like these you could be well on your way to decorating your entire home as a tribute to video games.heck out more by visiting the JamesBit Etsy shop.

via ShutUpAndTakeMyYen