GTA Online Celebrates Labor Day with 2X GTA$ and RP

It's Labor Day weekend in the US and Rockstar is reflecting that fact in GTA Online, where the Los Santos Chamber of Commerce will be offering a range of deals and bonuses over the coming days. 

Rockstar says

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4TH: ELITAS TRAVEL LABOR DAY SALE: Get a 25% discount on all aircraft and sponsoring 2X RP & GTA$ payouts on all Air Races and Parachuting Jobs.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5TH: LEGENDARY MOTORSPORT LABOR DAY SALE: Prices being slashed on virtually all inventory by 25%, and also staking 2X RP & GTA$ payouts for all Land Races.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH: DOCKTEASE LABOR DAY SALE: “The boat of your dreams” is 25% off this Sunday at Docktease and competitive water sports will earn 2X RP & GTA$ payouts during all Sea Races.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH: WARSTOCK CACHE & CARRY LABOR DAY SALE: Warstock Cache & Carry is taking 25% off their entire stock and handing over 2X RP & GTA$ payouts in all Deathmatches.