L.A. Noire set to be a very lengthy game

L.A Noire

Rockstar games & Team Bondi’s upcoming title, L.A Noire, is going to be a very lengthy game judging by the length of the script. Brendon McNamara, Team Bondi co-founder, revealed in the April issue of Edge Magazine that the script spanned some 22,000 pages. “That’s two full years of a TV series and probably 12 feature films,” he said. “It goes a lot of places!

He later added,

Mad Men’s Aaron Stanton will be reading a lot of that in his lead role in the game – but if you hope to hear the dozens of hours of dialogue, you’re probably going to have to play the game through more than once.

This means that the game or the story might change depending on the players actions and decisions.
Alternate endings? Maybe! L.A Noire is a game which draws a lot of inspiration from film noir i.e B & W dramatic films from the 40s and 50s, the game also shares a similar visual appeal and theme.

L.A Noire is expected to hit Xbox 360 and the ps3 early Q4 2010.