Descent: Underground Pre-Alpha Access Now Available to Some Backers

Descendent Studios, the makers behind the upcoming Kickstarter-backed Descent: Underground, which itself is a reboot of the original Descent games from Interplay, has announced that the pre-alpha of the game is now available to backers.

Anyone who backed the 1990s FPS reboot can now download the game, which comes one week after its successful public debut at Rooster Teeth Expo. 

Descent: Underground uses the Descent license and is billed as a prequel to the original games, providing FPS action with six degrees of freedom vehicular movement. Players control a variety of space-combat drones and do battle in warren-like asteroid mines.

“Many people kept coming back, bringing their friends and in many cases, their parents,” said Descendent Studios CEO Eric ’Wingman’ Peterson. “We had about a thousand play-throughs last weekend and not one person gave the game a thumbs-down.”

The playable version of the game has been released to a group of dedicated backers known as the "Advisory Board," who are working to assist the game's developers in a number of issues, including the tuning of its flight model to match that of the original Descent games. 

In the coming weeks, the pre-alpha will be made available to backers who pledged for the "Proving Grounds" pre-alpha access and members of "The Underground," who signed up for insider access to learn more about the game's development. 

The game is expected for release in March 2016 on PC, Linux and Mac. 

Check out the video they took from RTX below.