Shiness, A New Action RPG, Gets New Gamescom Trailer

Studio Enigami has shared a new trailer for their upcoming action RPG Shiness in time for Gamescom.

Shiness promises to be an exciting new kind of RPG, with a combat system reminiscent of fighting games, with combos, parries, etc. Add to this a layer of magic, and separate skill trees for physical and magic attacks, and you have an RPG that will engage twitch gamers for hours.

Traditional RPG fans will like it too, with a large sprawling world to explore, multiple quests and side-quests, and five companions to explore with and develop.

The game’s premise determines that you will be with those companions from the start, as your ship crash lands into the most hostile of the celestial islands. As Chado, you and your companions will soon find yourselves stuck between a conflict with the many kingdoms within. However, Chado will soon find himself talking to and controlling the powers of the Shiness, spirits that have magical powers.

Watch a trailer for Shiness above.