Former Dead Island 2 Dev Yager Productions GMBH Files For Insolvency

Bad news for fans of developer Yager, as subdivision Yager Productions GMBH has filed for insolvency.

Yager Development, founded in 1999, is most famous now for Spec Ops The Line, but actually had their start in the business with combat flight simulator Yager, then published by THQ. Yager has also done uncredited contract work for years.

This insolvency filing was a direct consequence of publisher Deep Silver terminating their contract to develop Dead Island 2. You can read their full statement here.

The German insolvency law, passed in 1999, was generally enacted to give German companies going bankrupt a way to save themselves. While insolvent companies can still be sold or shut down, the company has the option of putting together a rescue plan or reorganization. All transactions up to three months prior to filing are avoided, and the company is protected from individual claims so they can keep doing business. Yager themselves revealed this action would allow them to pay their staff in full.

Yager may go the way of Dutch developer Two Tribes BV. Two Tribes BV, who developed Toki Tori 1 and 2, Edge, and Rush, went bankrupt last January 2014, but their parent company, was not affected by the bankruptcy. Two Tribes lives on, with a new daughter company handling development of their new game, Rive.

For their part, Yager Development does have other projects in the works, including their return to combat flight sims, Dreadnought, to be published by Grey Box.

Gameranx wishes the best for the staff of Yager Productions GMBH.