Sony Is Granted Patent For PS5 Faceplates

Sony PS5

According to a recent patent, it looks like Sony may have plans to make the PS5 slightly more customizable. Or, they’re just trying to stop everyone else from doing so.

The patent is titled “Cover for Electronic Device” and its description reads, “ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device.” Although the patent does not plainly describe the design as a replaceable faceplate or skin, the illustrations included in the document seem to display the faceplates that easily pop off of the PS5 console.

There is no confirmation on whether or not Sony has any plans to follow through with the patent, but there is precedent for the company introducing faceplates in the past. The original PS4 console had a selection of customizable faceplates which covered the top of the device. Sony is very aware of its customers’ interest in customization; only time will tell what they do with that knowledge.

The PS5 was released with one default design and color: white. From almost day one, fans of the console created graphics of the console in other colors, primarily black. This prompted several third-party companies to fill the gap in the market that Sony hadn’t. Since then, the PS5 company has been avid in sending cease and desist orders to each of these businesses. Perhaps hinting that Sony does indeed have plans in the works to launch its own customizable PS5 products?

One of the more notable instances of Sony’s cease and desist rampage was with the popular tech skin and case company, Dbrand. The company began selling “Darkplates” in 2020 for $50 which rapidly gained popularity. In a slightly mischievous manner, Dbrand dared Sony to sue them. Unsurprisingly, Sony didn’t hesitate to send in the lawyers and Dbrand quickly had to shut down its Darkplate production. Now, the tech skin company has released a redesigned product they call Darkplate 2.0 which serves a similar purpose and they describe as “not legal.”

Sony’s design for the PS5 has easily removable faceplates and the company has a history of offering customization on their consoles. Perhaps customization could become virtually limitless very soon, without voiding the warranty on your console.