The Last Guardian Studios Will Update On Twitter Moving Forward, Including Ueda’s New Studio GenDESIGN

Are you still worried about the release of The Last Guardian? It seems you can worry about it considerably less moving forward.

Fumito Ueda, former Team Ico and Sony employee, who had The Last Guardian as his pet project for years, has revealed that there will be regular updates on the game on Twitter.

Ueda already had a Twitter account, but he is referring fans to the official Twitter account of genDESIGN, his new studio. genDESIGN is completely independent of Sony, perhaps reflecting unmentioned friction that led Ueda to leave Sony. It’s unlikely that this could mean The Last Guardian will leave the PlayStation 4, but it’s likely Ueda will start making games outside Sony’s platforms in the near future, such as in mobile.

A few days ago, Shuhei Yoshida happened to tweet something like this as well. Without mentioning The Last Guardian directly, he directed fans to follow The Last Guardian’s co-developer within Sony, SCE Japan Studio.

So, to be clear, you can follow each studio and studio head here:

Fumito Ueda – Twitter

genDESIGN – Twitter

Shuhei Yoshida – Twitter

SCE Japan Studio – Twitter

What do you hope Japan Studio and genDESIGN will actually share with us from The Last Guardian on Twitter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

The Last Guardian will be releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2016.