Grand Theft Auto V: Angry Planes Mod is Terrifying

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest gaming phenomenons to ever grace the video games industry. Since its 2013 release, Grand Theft Auto V has broken numerous records. Furthermore, the game has been published on a myriad of different platforms. One of these platforms came in the form of PC, and fans have been eating the game up since its rerelease.

Why is the PC version so successful? This version of the game can change almost infinitely, due to the modifications created by the title's community. There are hundreds of different mods already available for Grand Theft Auto V, but we think we may have found the most terrifying one yet: Angry Planes.

In the Angry Planes mod, jets and other planes will fly at you, attempting to kamikaze directly onto you. Furthermore, if they've got rockets or other weaponry, they won't waste any time in shelling it at you as they are headed for a nose dive. These are the most bloodthirsty pilots we've ever seen.

Check them out here: