Heroes of the Storm Gets an Official Release Date

Blizzard Entertainment has been hosting a closed beta for its upcoming Heroes of the Storm title, which many believe could be a rival to Riot Games' League of Legends. While this is a lofty aspiration, it's about time someone stood up to the mega-popular game. If anyone has the lore to build upon, then it's almost certainly Blizzard Entertainment.

It's been revealed that the open beta for Heroes of the Storm will kick off on May 20. Only those with an invite have been lucky enough to enjoy Heroes of the Storm up until this point, so this comes as welcome news for the gaming world. The game will officially launch shortly after, on June 2. This will give players a short time to familiarize themselves with the game before jumping into ranked play, which can be quite a task, I've heard. Apparently, Heroes of the Storm relies on cooperative play even more than other MOBAs in the genre.

Heroes of the Storm will have more than thirty playable characters at launch, each coming from their own place in the huge pantheon of Blizzard Entertainment lore. There are only plans for a PC release at this point.