PlayStation 5 US Residents Can Register For A Unit This Holiday Season

The latest generation of video game consoles is incredibly sought after. We’re nearly a year after the launch of both the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5. However, it’s almost impossible still to get either unit. These console platforms are quickly being sold out once they have been restocked at retailers worldwide. In addition, thanks to the covid worldwide health pandemic outbreak, we’ve been dealing with several issues since 2020. First, there were hassles in shipping, quarantine orders, and now chip shortages for electronics.

Despite all that, Sony and Microsoft are both trying to get these console platforms into the hands of consumers. In particular, for PlayStation fans, it might be an uphill battle finding a unit at MSRP through an official retailer this holiday season. This is when we’ll see another surge of interest in these consoles as consumers seek holiday gifts for loved ones. Although, that might be a problem again because retailers are still finding it nearly impossible to keep stock. 

Today, it looks like Sony is delivering another means to sell PlayStation 5 units directly to consumers. Players can register for a unit through the official PlayStation website. You might not get a chance to purchase a unit through a retailer, but if you sign up and register, then there’s a chance Sony will send a timed invite to purchase a PlayStation 5 for the holiday season. This is only for the United States, and as a result, units will only send to United States addresses.

Furthermore, Sony is selecting users based on previous interests and PlayStation activities. This means you’ll want to use an email registered with your PSN. Those that might have missed the last generation of PlayStation gaming could be at a disadvantage. Hopefully, the stock can come out for these consoles at a more rapid rate. Although, there’s a chance we may see more limited availability for these platforms going into 2022.