Far Cry 6 Quickly Gains Controversy From PETA

Ubisoft just released the latest installment to the Far Cry franchise into the marketplace. In Far Cry 6, players venture into a fictional Caribbean island called Yara. Here players take the role of a guerrilla fighter seeking to take down El Presidente. Fighting against an evil regime, it’s a difficult uphill battle. This game just launched into the marketplace, but it looks like there is already a considerable controversy. PETA has requested the removal of a minigame they believe to be deemed inappropriate. 

Far Cry games are popular, and with the latest installment, there are plenty of areas to explore. There are also some additional activities that players can partake in. One of those activities in the latest installment is a cockfighting minigame. It’s a fighting minigame where you can bet on a cockfight, but outside of betting, you’re partaking in the fight. This minigame puts players into a roster of different roosters that they can select from. 

Afterward, you’ll drop into the game, where after the best of three matches, one rooster comes out victorious. It’s a bit simplistic and a short minigame. However, PETA has taken up an issue with the minigame and has requested Ubisoft to remove the cockfighting experience through a future update. Of course, Ubisoft have yet to remove the miningame and it’s likely something they expected to see some controversy from the organization. 

Cockfighting is quite a controversial blood sport today in certain parts of the world. It pins two roosters to battle against each other. We’re uncertain if this is something Ubisoft will consider removing. However, it looks like players can still partake in the minigame. For those of you who haven’t picked up Far Cry 6, then you can check out our Before You Buy video coverage in the video embedded above. Meanwhile, players are able to pick up this game right now on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.