Warner Bros. looking into acquiring Movie rights for Space Invaders

With Prince of Persia: Sands in Time coming this May from Walt Disney Pictures, Missile Command in development at Fox, an Asteroids movie in the works at Universal, Warner Bros. were not going to stay behind and are currently negotiating to acquire rights for a movie adaptation of Space Invaders.

Space Invaders

Los Angeles Times is reporting that WB is “negotiating to acquire feature rights to the landmark shooter from Taito, the Japanese company that originally manufactured the game.” If things work out as planned the project would bring in Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012), Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity) and Guymon Casady(Paper Man) as producers.

So what are we looking at, a generic alien invasion with epic CG shots, shaky camera footage and some comedy looking to cash in on the nostalgia of not missing out on the movie adaptation of one of the greatest arcade hits of all time.