Rumor: Amy Hennig May Be Working On Revived/Recycled Star Wars 1313

StarWarsHQ claims that it’s likely the unnamed and unrevealed Star Wars game being penned by Amy Hennig is Star Wars 1313.

As reported by Mweb, they base this on an interview with Hennig from GameInformer. Hennig refutes the earlier rumor that they were working on an open world Han Solo / Boba Fett game in the vein of Uncharted. GameInformer says that they believe this game Hennig is working on is based on Star Wars 1313.

As a refresher, Star Wars 1313 was announced in 2012 and cancelled a year later, as a consequence of Disney’s buyout of publisher LucasFilm Games. What we knew then was that it was an open world adventure game set in Level 1313, a criminal underground den in Coruscant. While LucasFilm were reticent to name him then, it was confirmed after the fact that the protagonist was in fact going to be Boba Fett.

There is no tangible evidence that leads credence to this rumor, but of course, Hennig was most associated with the Uncharted games, as the franchise’s longtime lead writer. EA could very well have seen their good fortune when Hennig left Naughty Dog and set all of this in motion. If anything Star Wars 1313 could be a more solid project with Hennig taking writing duties.

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