The Sims 4: Get to Work Trailers Depict Detectives and Doctors

As if there wasn't already a ton of stuff for players to do in The Sims 4, the game's first real expansion pack is set to add even more things to get busy with.

The game's first expansion is dubbed Get To Work and, like the name suggests, adds a whole bunch of jobs to the game. It allows you to micromanage your Sims' careers, including being a doctor, scientist, or what have you. You'll get to control the Sims at their workplace.

A newly released trailer showcases the game's new detective profession, which depicts (though not in grisly detail) murder scenes. Yes, Sims murder other Sims, apparently. You'll be able to roleplay characters from Law & Order, as Sims solve crimes and interrogate suspects.

In addition to the trailer for detectives is a one for doctors. Check that out below. Roleplaying characters from Scrubs? Yes please.

The Get to Work expansion pack releases for $40 in April.