Assassin’s Creed Rogue on PC Will be the First Game with Eye Tracking

Assassin's Creed Rogue will be arriving on PC in the spring, and the port of last year's then console-only game will come with some optional technology which will create an infinitely scrolling screen, so long as players look in the right direction. 

Rather than restricting players' field of vision to the confines of their screen, Tobii Tech will make use of the company's SteelSeries Sentry in Ubisoft's game. Retailing for $200, the device appears to be a small sensor which sits on the lower edge of the monitor and scans the player's eyes 50 times per second to track where they're looking exactly at any given moment. 

In Rogue, the camera will allow you to change Shay's view by simply gazing in any direction, at which point the screen will continue to pan, exploring the environment until the players focuses once again. To revert control back, simply grab the mouse. 

The first five thousand people to buy the tech will recieve a free copy of Rogue upon its release, which the above video tells us is coming out on March 10th. 

It's not a bad game, if you can ignore Shay's accent but eye-tracking tech won't help with that.