Alan Wake Remastered Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Remedy Entertainment has a few notable video game franchises they released into the marketplace. First, you have Max Payne, Alan Wake to their more recent launch release, Control. However, there have only been two installments for Alan Wake fans, and we haven’t seen the IP get picked back up. There seemed to be some expectations that the IP would get some new treatment, whether it was a new game or a remastered one. This was due to the franchise being featured in a Control DLC.

It took some time for an official unveiling, but Alan Wake Remastered was revealed. This game would bring out the original game for modern platforms. Alan Wake first launched in 2010, so adding a new coat of fresh paint and tweaks to the mechanics is warranted. However, this also means newcomers and veteran players can enjoy this game on a modern console platform. The mix for releases includes the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

What’s not included in the Nintendo Switch. That might be bitter news for some fans. However, a new rating was discovered in Brazil for the game on the Nintendo Switch platform. There are no official statements on the game rating yet, and it could very well be a mishap. After all, the Nintendo Switch platform was left out from the official remastered announcement. Nintendo Switch fans have come to expect some games to take a bit longer to release on their platform.

We’ve seen several games in the past get put on the Nintendo Switch later on after the launch for other modern platforms. It’s somewhat of a trend lately, and while it would be nice having confirmation that a game is coming to the platform, we might not be out of luck. This could very well be an accurate listing from Brazil, and that the game would find an official announcement reveal when the game remastered officially launches on October 5, 2021.