Deathloop Bug Will Reset Colt’s Progress

Deathloop was one of the more anticipated 2021 video game releases. Developed under Arkane Studios, the title just launched for the PC and PlayStation 5 platforms. However, even though this game just launched, players have sunk quite a few hours into this game. Players were also likely sinking plenty of hours into this game during the weekend. Unfortunately, now a new bug discovered can reset your progress. While we don’t have any updates, you can avoid this bug by not going into a particular setting option.

Fans have taken to Reddit and started to share this recent bug discovery. Players will find that there is a Reset Colt’s Progress option within the settings. When you click on that option, it’s reported that the setting will give you another option of confirming to reset the player’s progress or not. However, when fans select not to reset the progress, the game will still reset, making all those hours of gameplay worthless. It’s a pretty big bug and one that some fans are hoping to uncover their previous save file that might have just been deleted.

While we’re uncertain if it’s affecting everyone or not, the bug should keep players from even selecting that option altogether. It’s likely something that the developers have already noticed and will bring out a patch to fix the issue shortly. Every game has its share of bugs and glitches. However, this is one issue that could mean having to restart the entire game. 

For now, avoid the setting and keep an eye out for the latest patch updates to hit. In the meantime, if you haven’t already picked this game up, then I suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode coverage. We offer some gameplay footage along with our initial impressions of the game. You can check out that video embedded above.