Rumor: No Steam Dev Days This Year, Are Steam Machines Ready To Launch?

Valve has been eerily silent on the topic, but the day is finally here. Insider sources claim that Steam Machines will launch in March 2015.

Truthfully, this was long overdue, as many PC manufacturers who partnered with Valve were expecting it to launch in late 2014. Some of them opted to release them early anyway, bundling Windows 8.1 with Steam Big Picture Mode and an Xbox 360 controller.

These sources claim that Valve is now ready with a final Steam OS build, and they have also finalized the design of their unique controller. Lastly, we will see the official unveiling of Steam Machines in this coming GDC, which will be held in March 2 to 6, in Moscone Center, San Francisco, near the heart of Silicon Valley.

Valve has not confirmed this rumor, but they have added fuel to the fire. They have recently announced they will not be having a Steam Dev Days event this year. They explained that Steam Dev Days is held to help Valve connect with their fellow developers, but their focus will be different this year.

Valve says that they will, instead, have a presence in GDC, and it will be bigger than usual.

Steam Machines is poised to compete with Windows 10, as well as the 8th generation of consoles. While Valve will be facing a huge challenge as the first new serious contender in the console space since Microsoft released the first Xbox in 2001, they also have several strengths to leverage. Not only does Steam come loaded with their users’ large game collections, Steam Machines offer something the consoles don’t – flexibility in pricing and power.

Are you ready for Steam Machines? Do you think Valve waited too long, or are they still not ready? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.