The Last of Us HBO Series Officially Wraps Pilot Episode

Naughty Dog is an iconic video game development studio. As of late, Naughty Dog is known best for The Last of Us and Uncharted. Both of which are getting adaptations. We know that an Uncharted movie was filmed, which acts as a prequel to the series. However, a production that is currently in the works right now is The Last of Us. This HBO series has plenty of fans excited.

The Last of Us only has two mainline installments, but fans have enjoyed the narrative and level of detail featured in both. It’s a thrilling story that has the world overtaken by a virus and shows humanities downfall. Naughty Dog has made their games cinematic and is perfect for these kinds of media adaptations. HBO has greenlit the production, and so far, we know that the first pilot episode has been officially filmed.

This comes from the director of the pilot, Kantemir Balag. Taking to their Instagram account, the director unveiled that their work is over. With the pilot completed, production is moving on to the next thrilling episode installment. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long wait before we get to see this series play out. With only the pilot episode done, we know that there are nine more episodes to be filmed.

We’re also waiting on more details to come out. While it’s expected to be closely adapted to the video game series, we’re not sure just how far the show’s first season will get to in terms of the game narrative. Meanwhile, there are bound to be some areas that are further fleshed out or completely added in. Currently, the first season of The Last of Us should be hitting the network sometime in 2022.