Hideo Kojima May Be Unveiling Something Today According To Report

Hideo Kojima is a legendary developer, and most will likely know of him from Konami. After spending years with the development studio, Hideo Kojima crafted up several video game titles. Most notably, the series Hideo will always be remembered for is Metal Gear Solid. But, of course, Hideo is no longer with Konami as he took his leave from the company after getting his hands on the Silent Hill IP. 

Instead, Hideo Kojima went on to make his development studio, Kojima Productions. It’s here that the studio was able to bring out Death Stranding. While the studio is gearing up for the release of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, there might be another announcement coming out today. This is all speculation right now, but fans noticed an interesting series of tweets by the developer. Over the past several days, Hideo Kojima tweeted out images of what he’s listening to. However, the phone’s time is exact, and it’s left some wondering just what exactly he’s up to. 

Listed below are two example tweets. If you notice the time, it starts with 9:54, with the following tweet being 8:54. That’s something fans noticed, and believe this is a countdown to August 19, 2021. It might be far-reaching, but fans have also seen that the 54 of the time could indicate a backward “SH” that stands for Silent Hill. But, again, this is just speculation going online right now as we have no clue if this is anything or not. 

Some fans might be hopeful that Silent Hills is back on the table with Kojima Productions. Others might find that some other notable announcement will take place later today. Then again, this could be a tease from Hideo Kojima, and nothing will get unveiled. So don’t hold your breath, but we’ll, of course, keep an eye out for anything related to Hideo Kojima today.