Dead Space Remake Website Has An Easter Egg

There is a ton of hype building up for the Dead Space remake. After being dormant, it was a surprise reveal that EA Motive is taking on the IP. Of course, that’s built up plenty of speculation of what may or may not come from this remake such as past established content making a return. However, there is at least one little attribute that seems to be surfacing once again. It looks like there is still plenty of focus around the “make us whole” mantra.

Make us whole constantly pops up throughout the Dead Space IP, and it’s left plenty of fans speculating on its meaning. Today we’re finding out that there’s an Easter Egg regarding the statement on the remake website. Fans have noticed the blinking lights of the ship are actually morse code. That code translates to “make us whole,” which is something you might be familiar with from the different video game installments released.

There’s plenty of speculation pieces out there about what the meaning behind make us whole or make us whole again. While this is a remake of the original Dead Space title, EA Motive could tweak plenty of areas. There is always potential to see changes being made to the story and lore.

Regardless, this is a fun slight nod to fans waiting for this IP to get taken off the ice. In other Dead Space related news, it’s been noted that developers are looking at the entire Dead Space franchise for inspiration. As a result, we could see elements from different video game installments included in the remake. Likewise, the original Dead Space creator, Glen Schofield, has shared his excitement to see the IP get remade for modern platforms. Are you hopeful to see the developers expand on the lore?