Halo Infinite Active Camo Lets Players Avoid Motion Trackers

Halo Infinite is quite the anticipated video game. Thanks to the latest technical preview, fans are getting more insight into the multiplayer gameplay component. This has ultimately allowed players to pick up new exciting features for what’s to come in the next big Halo video game installment. One tiny feature that has plenty of chatter online is the active camo. 

Camo in Halo has been around for awhile, but some fans are not fond of the motion tracking still showing players when running. That’s not something they’ll have to worry about when it comes to Halo Infinite. It looks like this tiny little feature could have a significant gameplay element change. Fans no longer have to worry about showing up on motion tracking as they traverse the map while in camo. However, we’ll have to wait just a bit longer before fans can actually try the gameplay out for themselves.

The flight for Halo Infinite starts today, but it won’t be available until after 3 PM ET. From there, we will have beta test footage surfacing online with more little details. Fans should be able to try out the active camo, test out weapons, and get an overall feel of what multiplayer will be like when Halo Infinite launches into the marketplace. Those selected for the flight will receive an email from the Halo Insiders program.

Currently, Halo Infinite is set to launch later this year. While we don’t have a specific release date for this game yet, we know that it will be available for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Meanwhile, we also understand that the multiplayer aspect of Halo Infinite will be free-to-play. So if you don’t get into this flight, you can eventually play Halo Infinite multiplayer entirely for free.