Sunset Overdrive Coop Footage, Season Pass, Preorder Content Revealed

Some new footage of Sunset Overdrive’s coop has surfaced, revealing that the game does not slow the pace for a second, even on online multiplayer.

This is not footage of Chaos Squad, the elaborate coop mode that incorporates tower defense elements. Although it is vanilla coop footage, what we get to see is full of intense, fast paced action.

In fact, it looks more action game than multiplayer shooter, and it definitely looks like it plays that way. You won’t be spending time under cover, or targeting with a scope. Instead, you’ll be taking enemies on up front, leaping and grinding towards them. The footage also shows extensive use of Amps, freely mixed in with vanilla weapons. Vanilla gameplay does not seem to give opportunities for team up tactics, save for seeking out and blowing up pockets of enemies in the map together.

Microsoft has revealed the content that will come as preorder bonuses, the Season Pass, and the Day One Digital Deluxe version.

Preorder bonuses include four weapons and a costume of the game’s mascot, Fizzie. Those four weapons include the Hangover, a set of beer cans connected to an electrified pitchfork, and the Acordes de la Muerte, a melee weapon made of a guitar and melting candles.

The Season Pass will include the first two campaign game Add-ons, one Weapons Pack Game Add-on, six character outfits, two Amps, and two Traps. The campaign Add-ons will have new weapons, new amps, one new Trap and one new character outfit.

The Day One Digital Deluxe version includes all the preorder bonuses, and the Season Pass. Sunset Overdrive will be released on October 28 on Xbox One.