You Can Now Smell Like A Resident Evil Protagonist Thanks To Capcom’s Perfumes

In a bizarre marketing campaign attempt, it looks like Capcom is getting into the perfume business. Or, at the very least, they are offering some unique scents based around the Resident Evil protagonists. It’s unusual, but this is not too bizarre in the grand scheme of things. There’s been plenty of unique and odd official video game merchandise sold into the marketplace in the past. This is just another oddity that, at the very least, will allow you to dab some cologne or perfume before heading out the door.

Resident Evil is quite the iconic video game franchise, and it’s still going strong decades later. The new perfume collection offers three scents, although we’re uncertain just what they smell like. Currently, the group of perfumes provides scents based on Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Jill Valentine. All three are pretty iconic Resident Evil protagonists, with both Chris and Jill are featured in the first installment. Meanwhile, Leon Kennedy, who has become one of the more staple franchise characters, got his debut in the sequel.

At any rate, these perfumes so far are only coming out in Japan through the official Capcom digital storefront. That doesn’t mean we won’t eventually see this collection hit other marketplaces around the world. However, it looks like you might need to import this collection of fragrances if you want them in your collection. It’s worth noting that you might not find these to be the best smelling perfumes either.

One of the gimmick collector items from Resident Evil 7 was a candle if you don’t recall. That candle was made to smell like blood and sweat from the Baker family home. Perhaps these fragrances will also smell a bit rough like the characters as they battled their way through the infested Raccoon City.