Genshin Impact 2.0 Update Adds Inazuma Region, New Characters, and Cross-Progression

Mihoyo has revealed the next update for Genshin Impact. Version 2.0, or “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia,” as it’s also called, adds a new area for players to explore, new characters, and a host of other features that improve the gameplay experience. Probably the most useful new feature is the implementation of cross-progression on all platforms. This new update launches on July 21.

The new city/region is called Inazuma, and it’s a Japanese-inspired land that features new characters, creatures, bosses, and stories. Says Mihoyo: “Unlike Mondstadt and Liyue, Inazuma is surrounded by the sea on all sides and consists of six main islands, often accompanied by a strong sea breeze and thunderstorms. Although Inazuma is greatly affected by fleeting lightning and the Electro element, the Electro Archon who rules the area has turned to the pursuit of eternity.” The trailer also shows Archon Baal.

There are also three new playable characters added in the upcoming update: Ayaka, a Cryo swordmaster, Yoimiya, a Pyro archer who’s got an affinity for fireworks, and Sayu, a diminutive ninja. There will also be several new NPCs in the update. The Inazuma region appears to be very large, and it’ll purportedly increase the map size substantially. There are supposedly several new puzzles in the region, many of them based on the archipelago’s electrical energy.

MiHoYo also announced the new update would bring a few quality of life features for users across the board. The most important of them is cross-saving, or cross-progression, which would allow users to save their progress across every platform on which they play the game. Just to remind you, those platforms include PS5, PS4, iOS, Android, and PC, and it might include Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. PS5 users can expect to get haptic feedback with the update as well.

Source: PC Gamer