PlayStation 5 Spotted Upside Down in New Ad, Which Sony Quickly Deletes

Sony ran an ad on Twitter that showed the PlayStation 5, showing someone playing God of War. It’s about as standard as an ad can get, except for one little detail: The PS5 on screen was upside down. Sony has now pulled the ad, and we’re all left to wonder how the ad made it that far without someone noticing the problem.

The PS5 in question is a standard version with a disc drive. According to every piece of literature Sony has released about the console, this device can be laid horizontal, but the only way it’ll lay flat is if you mount it to the stand with the disc drive on the lower side of the console. The one in the ad was facing up. Note that Sony has videos and pictures explaining the process of mounting the PS5, and the process is actually quite tricky even when done correctly.

Sony quickly took the ad down, but you can still find images of it on Twitter. Again, one can’t help but wonder how the ad went through the entire shooting, editing, and marketing teams without anyone noticing the problem. It’s not as though the console is incidental to the ad — it’s the centerpiece. But these things do happen — as Kotaku noted, even PS Studios head Hermen Hulst once posted a picture of the PS5 upside down.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering how they managed to get it into that position in the first place. I both own a PS5 and keep it horizontal, and the stand upon which you mount it is designed to fit with the more curved, disc side of the PS5. The non-disc side is slightly flatter, and it’s incredibly difficult to get it to lay even if you orient it correctly. I’m going to guess that PS5 gave one set dresser a massive headache.

Source: Kotaku