We Might See Some New Features Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

When it comes to video game console platforms, we typically see some online premium subscription services to unlock some features. For instance, if you wanted to play premium video game titles online with friends then you would have to pay a fee for their dedicated online subscription service. That’s the same scenario for the Nintendo Switch console with Nintendo bringing out Nintendo Switch Online not long after the release of their hybrid console. 

Regardless, when you look at the Nintendo Switch Online service, it might seem pretty lacking compared to the likes of Sony and Microsoft’s console online subscriptions. While Nintendo Switch Online comes drastically cheaper for a year’s worth of online service access, it’s a bit lackluster. There is the benefit for some deals and online multiplayer access, but for some subscribers for the likes of Xbox or PlayStation online service subscriptions, they know that each month comes with a couple of free premium video game titles. 

This gives players something new to play regularly. However, for Nintendo Switch Online, players are not given new premium titles. Instead, they are given access to their Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System catalogs. These games are given to subscribers which range from quite a few iconic AAA video game releases to smaller hidden gems. It’s worth noting that not every game is featured in this catalog, but it does provide some gamers with some nostalgic hits. Now it looks like the Nintendo company is trying to find some new features to add into the mix.

Nintendo recently had a shareholder meeting when the president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, was asked about new features to the Nintendo Switch Online service. While Shuntaro didn’t confirm anything, he did make note that they are working on ways to make Nintendo Switch Online more fun and convenient for players. Perhaps we’ll see these features potentially rolled out soon with the likes of Nintendo Switch OLED coming out into the marketplace.

Source: Gamerant