PlayStation Now adds Red Dead Redemption 2 and Judgement for July 2021

Credit: Sony

Sony has revealed the games that are coming to PlayStation Now this July. Several games have been added to the service this month, in addition to the traditional three. The biggest games added to the service are Red Dead Redemption 2, Judgment, Nioh 2, and God of War. other games coming to the service include physics sim Moving Out, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and Nascar Heat.

It’s a very weighty addition to PlayStation Now, with several games being added onto the service on July 6. The headliners, and two of the biggest games are Red Dead Redemption 2 and Judgment, which are the only two games that Sony has given a time when they will leave the service. RDR2 will be available for download from July 6 until November 1, and Judgment will be available until October 4.

Another major game that has been added to PS Now this month is God of War. Kratos and Atreus’ adventure used to be on PS Now, but was removed in 2020. Nioh 2, which was originally a PlayStation exclusive but was later released on PC, is also coming PS Now this month. Neither of these has a removal date at the moment, so we can only hope they’ll be on PS Now indefinitely.

The other games in the update are slightly less well-known, and they include Moving Out, a physics sim in which you play a moving specialist; Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, a sports game that lets you play over a dozen minigames based on the Summer Olympic events (which, thanks to the pandemic, have yet to actually happen in real life, but are set to begin later this month). The final game coming to the update is Nascar Heat, a licensed racing game which features 39 official tracks and a Career mode.

Source: PlayStation Now