Phil Spencer Finds Studio Acquisitions As A Positive Thing For The Industry

This has been a very interesting generation of gaming already. We have brand new console platforms available right now that are still incredibly hard to find still. After being released back in November of last year, the market has been tough to produce, ship, and obtain units for consumers around the world. This is also partly due to resellers that use bots to grab up and stock that becomes available to flip it online for a higher price. However, outside of the console platforms themselves, both Sony and Microsoft have been working to acquire new studios to add into their first-party lineup.

When you look back at the previous generation of gaming, you could argue that Microsoft was behind Sony in terms of first-party video game support. I think Microsoft might agree with you there as they have been making quite a few studio purchases. We’ve seen them pick up Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory, and even spent quite a bit of money for ZeniMax Media. With the ZeniMax Media deal not only was Microsoft obtaining several video game studios, but one of their most cherished from the group was Bethesda.

Now Sony had made news recently with their acquisition of Housemarque. However, it was during a conversation with GQ that PlayStation Studios head, Hermen Hulst made note that Sony is not going around acquiring every studio that they can. Instead, it’s a very targeted situation with what studios that they pick up. Now Microsoft’s Xbox head Phil Spencer has a comment regarding acquisitions. During an interview with IGN, Phil Spencer views the whole acquisition movement as being a positive one. 

Phil Spencer made note that most businesses startup with the idea of selling. There’s a real passion for a creator to see value in all their hard work and being able to sell it. It’s also a means of why studios can quickly get founded by developers and continue to press on with other studios as they bring out some unique video game installments we might not have otherwise received. These are two different approaches for Microsoft and Sony. While Sony may be more cautious on what studios it’s going to pick up, Microsoft will continue to strike up deals.

Source: IGN, VGC