Phil Spencer Confirms Holiday Launch For Halo Infinite

We’re still coming off the E3 hype this year with all the stream conferences and content unveiling. Microsoft, in particular, had a very strong conference where they unveiled several video games and hyped up more of their already announced titles that are slated to come out in the future. One of those was the next thrilling installment to the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite. This was a big turnaround showcase from the previous E3 unveiling back in 2019.

If you can recall, when Halo Infinite finally had its gameplay showcase during E3 2019 there was plenty of lackluster response from the fan base. There were graphical issues and the fans didn’t feel like this was a Halo installment to showcase the power and hype for at the time, the next-generation console. Because of all this poor reception, Microsoft and 343 Industries delayed the game which required the installment to miss the launch of the Xbox Series X/S platforms. 

During E3 2021, we got the unveiling of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode which was more showcasing the different game modes and the fact that it was set to be free to play. That means anyone from consoles to PC could enjoy this gameplay experience without actually having to purchase Halo Infinite. While this had a great reception and showcase, we didn’t get an actual release date. As a result, Dropped Frames recently brought up the lack of a release date announcement to Phil Spencer when he attended their podcast. 

Within the interview, Phil Spencer was asked about a release date and if Halo Infinite would still launch within 2021. According to Phil, the team over at 343 Industries is still working hard on the game, and that they are narrowing its release down to about three or four weeks. There’s no solid release date yet and they are simply waiting until 343 Industries has a strong idea on just when this game would be completed before slapping a release date on the product and unveiling it to fans. However, Phil Spencer still believes that this is a game that would make its way out into the marketplace within the holiday season.

Source: YouTube