Super Smash Bros Leaker Allegedly Fired And Sued, Former NoA Employee

Nintendo has taken action on yesterday’s Super Smash Bros leak, and they acted quick and hard.

The leak videos were originally uploaded on YouTube. Nintendo leveraged its position as a YouTube partner and placed copyright claims on these leaks to take them offline.

Nintendo also responded when asked to comment on the leaks. A representative emailed Game Informer that they had nothing to announce at this time, and directed fans to view the confirmed playable characters on the Super Smash Brothers website.

An anonymous source claims that they are in contact with the person who made the leak. Some fans suspected that the leaker was an ESRB employee, but apparently this person worked in Nintendo of America itself. Nintendo has identified the leaker, fired them, and are taking actions to sue him. He actually still has a copy of Super Smash Bros for 3DS, on a 3DS designed for Nintendo to make internal ratings.

Nintendo’s reaction to the leak has led many to conclude that the leaked information is real. Many other Smash leaks, all proven fake, were mostly ignored by Nintendo, and not treated in the same way that this leak was.

The fallout from the leak has also raised debate on whether fans should respect Nintendo’s wishes not to have information leaked ahead of when they want the information revealed. It should be noted that the game was set to release in a few months' time, so fans did not have to wait that long anyway. Platinum Games producer JP Kellams chimed in by sharing his perspective as a member of the industry:

Super Smash Bros will be released on the Nintendo 3DS this October 3, and Q4 on Wii U.