Rovio Announces The Return of Classic Angry Birds Games

When we look back to the early years of smartphones and I’m referring to the big boom we’ve seen with the likes of Apple’s iPhone, there are a few video games that are considered classics at this point. We could go back and point out games that took the world by storm and players downloading the game daily. However, to point out just one example of a classic smartphone game, we have Angry Birds. This franchise was massive and again something that smartphone owners were downloading regularly to play. 

The concept was wacky and the gameplay mechanics were simple. You followed a storyline where birds were having to stop evil pigs from stealing their eggs. Along the way, players would come across different bases made by pigs and it was your goal to destroy them by flinging different birds into the base. These birds all have unique attributes to make them explode causing more of an AOE weapon to birds that would split into multiple smaller birds for a barrage of shots.

Whatever the case ended up being, Rovio made a massive hit and it was supported with multiple video games. Unfortunately, a good few of those earlier installments were taken down which was not a popular move. That eventually prompted Rovio to send out a letter to fans alerting them that those older games would make a return sometime in the future. We’re just not entirely sure just when those games will pop back up.

According to the letter, the reason Rovio had to take these games down was the different requirements made for games to be on the marketplaces. Likewise, the games were made with older game engines and software that made it practically impossible to update. Rovio is asking fans to keep an eye out for some of these classic games to make an appearance once again, but for now, it looks like the studio is having to rebuild these games from the ground up.

Source: Rovio