Elden Ring Finally Returns, Release Date of January 21 Revealed

We have Elden Ring. Repeat: We have Elden Ring! After years of absolutely no word on the game, we finally got a full-blown trailer for the game at Summer Game Fest. And not only that — we also got a release date. Christmas has come early, folks. And thank goodness for it, because the show up to that point was turning out to be a rather staid and quiet affair.

Elden Ring was first revealed at E3 2019, in a rather vague teaser trailer that traded on the popularity of From Software and the good name of George R. R. Martin. And then… nothing. The game went dark for a long time, with only leaks to sustain the curious and no official confirmation of anything in those leaks. For the record, the trailer we got at the Summer Game Fest — the one that Geoff Keighley was practically vibrating with excitement over — was not the same as the leaked trailer.

In the trailer, we got a peek at some combat, which looks very typical of From Software. There are several large, rather unpleasant-looking boss monsters, a dragon, and a world that looks like it’s been through at least two apocalypses. In other words, it looks like a From Software title. I can tell you our horse appears to be mystical, given that it can be summoned and leap straight up cliff faces. I still couldn’t tell you what the Elden Ring is, but the narrator tells someone to “brandish the Elden Ring for all of us.”

And the best news of all: We know when Elden Ring will be released (assuming, of course, there are no delays): January 21, 2022. We also know it’s coming to next- and current-gen consoles, including PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, as well as Steam.